17 Leaf Stitch Variation [For Needlepoint]

17 leaf stitch variations

Any leaf stitch variation can be used on its own, or for an overall pattern. The beauty of these stitches is that you can put them in any direction to come up with a pleasing pattern.


Needlepoint leaf stitches can be easily combined with flower stitches, box  stitches or straight stitches.  You can use a thicker yarn, or even some metallic thread to make the leafs pop out.   Experiment to see which effect you like better.

17 Leaf Stitch Variation To Try:

If you want a feather effect, simply turn the stitch pattern sideways. Be creative with your use of your yarn and use shading for special effect

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Closed Herringbone Needlepoint Stitch

Closed Herringbone Stitch

Diagonal Leaf Stitch Variation

Diagonal Leaf Stitch

Diagonal Romanian Needlepoint Stitch

Diagonal Romanian Stitch

Diamond Leaf Needlepoint Stitch Variation

Diamond Leaf Stitch

Diamond Leaf Stitch x 4

Diamond Leaf Stitch x 4

Diamond Ray Needlepoint Stitch

Diamond Ray Stitch

Four-Way Leaf Needlepoint Stitch

Four-Way Leaf Stitch

Leaf Stitch #2 x 5

Leaf Stitch #2 x 5

Needlepoint Leaf Stitch # 3

Leaf Stitch #3

Leaf Stitch #3 x 3

Leaf Stitch #3 x 3

Needlepoint Leaf Stitch

Leaf Stitch

Leaf Stitch x 3

Leaf Stitch x 3

Mini Leaf Stitch Variation

Mini Leaf Stitch

Mini Leaf Stitch x 3

Mini Leaf Stitch x 3

Needlepoint Ray Stitch

Ray Stitch

Ray Stitch Variation x 6

Ray Stitch x 6

Romanian Leaf Stitch Variation

Romanian Leaf Stitch

Hope you found the above diagrams of leaf stitch variation useful.  Share it with your friend and encourage them to try a few.

You might be also interested in exploring needlepoint flower stitch diagrams or box stitch diagrams.  Also, the ANG (American Needlework Guild) has an interesting stitch of the month page worth exploring for needlepoint stitches.

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