29 Free Crochet Books Online [Crochet Patterns For Any Project]

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This 29 Free Crochet Books Online is great if you are curious about crochet, crochet history, or if you just want to teach yourself how to crochet.

Here is a list of 29 free crochet books online worth checking out.  Many with vintage patterns.


29 Crochet Books Online:

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1. Center-pieces and launch set in crochet work.(1915) Orr, Anne Champe

Interesting reference source for vintage crochet patterns. Well laid out and illustrated, 32 pages.

2. Chats on Old Lace and Needlework, (1919) Emily Leigh Lowes

An excellent source on the history of old lace and needlework with good illustrations. Good coverage on Ecclesiastic, Tudor, Stuart embroidery. Samplers and pictural embroidery are also well covered, 384 pages.

3. Clark's crochet book, (1915) Mrs. Leroy A. Clark

A good source for vintage patterns and crochet stitches in general. Well illustrated and there are clear pictures to serve as an example of what the finished design will look like, 50 pages.

4. Clark's O. N. T. book of needlework (1916) Clark Thread Company, Newark, N.J

The book explores basic knitting, crochet, and needlework stitches and vintage patterns. Well illustrated, 116 pages.

5. Crochet series. No. 1-5 (1883) Kerzman, Marie Louise (from old catalog)

Don't let the publication date of this book discourage you. The book is full of excellent crochet instructions with plenty of clear images for various crochet stitch types. The patterns might be vintage, but their application could be brought up to date, 182 pages.

6. Crochet series. No. 1-5, Twine Crochet Work (1883)

Same as above but concentrating on Twine Crochet with excellent instructions and photos, 48 pages.

7. Designs and instructions for Irish crochet lace, (1910) by Buettner, T. & co. Chicago.

If you ever wanted a full explanation with illustrations on Irish crochet lace, take a look at this book. You won't be disappointed, 46 pages.

8. Embroidery and lace, (1888) Lefébure, Ernest; Cole, Alan S, H. Grevel

If you love reading about the history of embroidery and lace, then you will discover a rich narrative with black and white photographs of lace and embroideries from antiquity to the time of Louis XV. 325 pages.

9. Fancy braid and crochet book, (1885) Parker, T. Edward

If you are looking for vintage crochet patterns with illustrations and instructions, this 25-page book is an excellent resource.

10. Instructions for crochet work, (1888), White, Livettal, Mrs.

Detailed illustrations of various stitches with plenty of patterns to try, 134 pages.

11. Jewel crochet book, (1915), Clark, Myrtle Artie (Miller) Mrs. Leroy A. Clark

A collection of unique and useful designs, including those for bookmarks, with practical instructions, 28 pages.

12. Manuel de Dessins pour crochet, (Unknown) N. Alexandre & Cie,

The compilation of patterns in this book is not for beginners, but for those with a bit more experience. Crochet patterns and finished pieces are photographed over a blue background and need an experienced eye to read them. The patterns range from simple edgings, border designs, and more complex pattern, 56 pages.

13. Old and new designs in crochet work, (1900) LaCroix, Sophie Tatum

Good instructions on some new designs in crochet work, crochet stitches and numerous patterns, 34 pages.

14. Old and new designs in crochet work 2,(1900) LaCroix, Sophie Tatum

Continues from above with additional collection of designs, 32 pages.

15. Priscilla juniors' crochet book, (1914), Robinson, Belle. [from old catalog]

Models and directions for crocheting adapted to girls from 8 to 12 years. Well illustrated, 45 pages.

16. Priscilla wool crochet book, (1912), Hettich, Lola Burks, [from old catalog] ed

An excellent source for vintage wool crochet patterns from baby clothes to shawls. Illustration of stitches and finished clothing pieces, 60 pages.

17. Richardson's crocheted edgings and insertions, (1916) Richardson Silk Company

A 20-page booklet showing a collection of crochet patterns photographed on a black background with instructions for basic stitches.

18. T. B. C. crocheted towel laces with instructions, (1916), Buettner, T., & co. Chicago.

A small booklet with plenty of edging designs for crochet work, great illustrations, 24 pages.

19. The Eagle's call to crochet, (1915), Pratt and Farmer co., New York. [from old catalog]

A valuable little book containing illustrations of crochet stitches for beginners and advanced crocheting alike, 40 pages.

20. The Elite Instruction Book of the Latest Crochet and Tatting Designs, (1916), Brin, Pierre C. [from old catalog]

A fine little booklet on crochet and tatting patterns, well illustrated, 24 pages.

21. The Glossilla book of crochet novelties, (1912), Ulmann, Bernhard, & co., New York.

If you are looking for patterns for crocheted purses and bags, this book is full of great demonstrations 76 pages.

22. The lady's crochet-book, (1879) Corbould, Elvina Mary

The book contains instructions for baby boots, bedroom slippers, fringes, waistcoats, etc., 76 pages.

23. The Mary Frances Knitting and crocheting book, (1918), Fryer, Jane,

A must read for anyone interested in knitting and crocheting, includes an excellent and unique way to introduce the subject of knitting and crocheting, with unique narrative, good illustrations and patterns, 316 pages.

24. The New Guide to Knitting & Crochet, (1847), Marie Jane Cooper

Excellent source for vintage patterns for knitting and crocheting, unfortunately, there are not illustrations but only narrative descriptions of the patterns, 59 pages.

25. The new Maltese crochet designs complete with instructions, (1915), Francis, Anna.

Valuable illustrations of the technique of stitches with black and white photography, 36 pages.

26. The Priscilla crochet book, centerpieces, and doilies, (1915), Robinson, Belle.

If you love vintage designs, this book is worth checking out. The book has numerous patterns, well illustrated, 56 pages

27. The Priscilla crochet book, edgings, and insertions, no. 2, (1916), Robinson,

A collection of beautiful and useful patterns, with directions for working them, illustrated with and white photography, 56 pages.

28. The Priscilla crochet book; a selection of useful articles, (1908), Hettich, Lola Burks, ed; Priscilla Publishing Co.

A collection of useful articles from Modern Priscilla with several new designs never before published, 64 pages.

29. The Priscilla filet crochet book; (1911), Robinson, Belle; Priscilla Publishing Co.

A collection of beautiful designs in filet crochet equally adapted to cross-stitch, beads and canvas, with working directions, 56 pages.

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