30 Needlepoint Tied Stitches with Diagrams

30 Tied Stitch Variations

Want to try something different? Try any of these 30 needlepoint tied stitches and you will be surprised the impact they make.

Tied stitches are great to use for design elements, backgrounds, shading, geometric patterns and where you need a light to medium texture.


They are slower to work that many of the other stitches but are well worth the result.

The trick with tied stitches is to tie each stitch down as you go. If they are a group of stitches, they too must be tied down before you start the next group.

Depending on your needlepoint canvas count, you may find that you have to thin the yarn out (using 2 ply instead of 3 or 4 ply) to make the stitch not so bulky.

Experiment to find the right balance.

Needlepoint Tied Stitches:

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Needlepoint Tied Stitches: The first 15 to chose from.

Alternating Wheat Needlepoint Stitch

Alternating Wheat Stitch

Needlepoint Arrowhead Fly Stitch

Arrowhead Fly Stitch

Bokhara Couching Needlepoint Stitch

Bokhara Couching Stitch

Needlepoint Crossed Scotch Stitch

Crossed Scotch Stitch

Crossed Tied Down Scotch Stitch

Crossed Tied Down Scotch Stitch

Diagonal Romanian Needlepoint Stitch

Diagonal Romanian Stitch

Double Tied Oblique Cross Stitch

Double Tied Oblique Cross Stitch

Needlepoint French Stitch

French Stitch

Needlepoint Giant Rice Stitch

Giant Rice Stitch

Giant Tied Oblong Cross Stitch

Giant Tied Oblong Cross Stitch

Hitched Cross Needlepoint Stitch

Hitched Cross Stitch

Interlocking Parisian Cross Stitch

Interlocking Parisian Cross Stitch

Interlocking Romanian Stitch

Interlocking Romanian  Stitch

Needlepoint Knotted Stitch

Knotted Stitch

Needlepoint Tied Stitches: The final 15 to consider.

Long and Short Oblique Needlepoint Stitch

Long and Short Oblique Stitch

Needlepoint Omega Stitch

Omega Stitch

Needlepoint Paris Stitch

Paris Stitch

Needlepoint Rice Stitch

Rice Stitch

Needlepoint Rococo Stitch

Rococo Stitch

Romanian Couching Stitch

Romanian Couching Stitch

Slashed Cross Needlepoint Stitch

Slashed Cross Stitch

Needlepoint Straight Rice Stitch

Straight Rice Stitch

Tied Oblong Cross Stitch

Tied Oblong Cross Stitch

Tied Pavilion Needlepoint Stitch

Tied Pavilion Stitch

Needlepoint Tied Scotch Stitch

Tied Scotch Stitch

Needlepoint Tied Star Stitch

Tied Star Stitch

Needlepoint Web Stitch

Web Stitch

Needlepoint Wheat Stitch

Wheat Stitch

Wheat Stitch x 4

Wheat Stitch x 6

Needlepoint Wicker Stitch

Wicker Stitch

CLICK HERE to download a free, PDF File of 30 Tied Stitches.

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Hope you liked the above selection of tied stitch diagrams.  Let me know how many you have tried.  Share it with your friends and encourage them to try some.  


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