37 Flower Stitches for Needlepoint [With Diagrams]

37 Flower Stitches

Any one of these flower stitches can be used on their own, or for an overall pattern.  Used in groups, they can become an impressive background filler.


An excellent stitch to use up small bits of leftover yarn.  They can also serve to vary the texture in a design.  Be careful in working some of these stitches as some are prone to snagging.

37 Flower Stitches For You To Try

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CLICK HERE to download a free PDF File of 37 Flower Stitches

Flower Stitches: The first 16 stitches to try

Alternating Smyrna Needlepoint Stitch

Alternating Smyrna Stitch

Cris Cross Hungarian Needlepoint Stitch

Cris Cross Hungarian Stitch

Crossed Diamond Needlepoint Stitch

Crossed Diamond Stitch

Diamond Eyelet Needlepoint Stitch

Diamond Leviathan Stitch

Diamond Laviathan Stitch

Diamond Ray Needlepoint Stitch

Diamond Ray Stitch

Double Cross Needlepoint Stitch

Double Cross Stitch

Double Crossed Diamond Stitch

Double Crossed Diamond Stitch

Double Layered Cross Stitch

Double Layered Cross Stitch

Double Leviathan Needlepoint Stitch

Double Leviathan Stitch

Double Star Needlepoint Stitch

Double Star Stitch

Double Straight Cross Stitch

Double Straight Cross Stitch

Fancy Cross  Needlepoint Stitch

Fancy Cross Stitch

Four-Way Bargello Stitch

Four Way Bargello Stitch

Framed Star Needlepoint Stitch

Framed Star Stitch

Giant Rice Needlepoint Stitch.

Giant Rice Stitch

Flower Stitches: 21 more stitches to try

Horizontal Elongated Smyrna Stitch.

Horizontal Elongated Smyrna Stitch

Long Arm Smyrna Needlepoint Stitch

Long Arm Smyrna Stitch

Medallion Needlepoint Stitch

Medallion Stitch

Milanese Pinwheel Stitch

Milanese Pinwheel Stitch

Mini Leaf Needlepoint Stitch

Mini Leaf Stitch

Ray Stitch for Needlepoint

Ray Stitch

Rhodes Stitch for Needlepoint

Rhodes Stitch

Rice Stitch for Needlepoint

Rice Stitch

Slanting Star Needlepoint Stitch

Slanting Star Stitch

Smyrna Needlepoint Stitch

Smyrna Stitch

Squared Daisies Needlepoint Stitch

Squared Daisies Sttich

Star Stitch for Needlepoint

Star Stitch

Straight Rice Stitch

Straight Rice Stitch

Three Stitch Cross for Needlepoint

Three Stitch Cross

Tied Star Needlepoint Stitch

Tied Star Stitch

Tied Windmill Needlepoint Stitch

Tied Windmill Stitch

Triple Cross Stitch

Triple Cross Stitch

Triple Leviathan Stitch

Triple Leviathan Stitch

Vertical Elongated Smyrna Stitch

Vertical Elongated Smyrna Stitch

Windmill Stitch for Needlepoint

Windmill Stitch

Windowpane Needlepoint Stitch

Windowpane Stitch

Flower Stitches: PDF file resource

CLICK HERE to download a free PDF File of 37 Flower Stitches

Recommendation: For Your Bookshelf

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You can easily pair these flower stitches with leaf stitches or diagonal stitches for greater impact.  Also, check out "stitch of the month" on the ANG (American Needlework Guild) website for other great sources for needlepoint stitches.

Looking for great gift ideas for top needlepoint books?  Check out the list of books provided.  All have plenty of patterns and great how to instructions to create your next needlepoint project.

Hope you enjoyed exploring the above possibilities for flower stitches to use on you next canvas work project.

Share it with your friends and encourage them to try a few.


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