95 Free Needlework Books Online [With Lots Of Tips and Patterns]

95 Free Knitting Books Online

Looking for information on hard to find vintage needlework books with plenty of free patterns, illustrations and instructions?  Love needlework history?  Then this list of free needlework books online is for you.

While, enjoy this Guide to 95 Free Needlework Books online.  Any of the books are guaranteed to inspire you to try something new.

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29 Free Crochet Books Online [Crochet Patterns For Any Project]

crochet books online

This 29 Free Crochet Books Online is great if you are curious about crochet, crochet history, or if you just want to teach yourself how to crochet.

Here is a list of 29 free crochet books online worth checking out.  Many with vintage patterns.

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14 Knitting Books Online (With Lots of Vintage Patterns)

Knitting Books Online

This list of knitting books online will help you to learn knitting and find free knitting patterns, including vintage patterns to practice on.

Here is your guide to 14 hard to find vintage knitting books online.

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The 12 Types of Needlework You Should Know About

12 Types of Needlework

Did you know that there are at least 12 major types of needlework?

Want to know the best places to find them on the web? Not sure where to start?

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