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Background Stitches [87 Choices]

Background Stiches

OK, you have finished the main design on your needlepoint canvas.  

Now what?  How are you going to fill out the background?  What stitches are you going to use?

Background stitches for needlepoint is here to solve your problem.  It's here to give you choices.  87 of them.

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Types of Needlepoint Stitches [9 Major Groups]

Types of Needlepoint Stitches

There are at least 9 major types of needlepoint stitches for canvas-work.  With a little attention to detail and some practice, you can easily master all of them.

So grab a piece of needlepoint canvas, threads of various strand and color,and lets get started.

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68 Cross Stitches: Diagramed for Needlepoint

68 Cross Stitch Variations

Cross Stitches come in many shapes and form.  Did you know that there are at least 68 needlepoint cross stitches that can be used on your needlepoint canvas?

I have charted all of them for you to try. They are listed in alphabetical order.

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Needlepoint Straight Stitches: The Ultimate Guide

66 Straight Stitches

Straight stitches are perhaps one of the most commons stitches used in needlepoint.  Did you know that there are at lease 66 needlepoint straight stitches you can try on your needlepoint canvas?

Its amazing the impact you can create just by crossing the canvas with straight stitches either horizontally or vertically.

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37 Flower Stitches for Needlepoint [With Diagrams]

37 Flower Stitches

Any one of these flower stitches can be used on their own, or for an overall pattern.  Used in groups, they can become an impressive background filler.

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46 Diagonal Stitches For Needlepoint

46 Diagonal Stitch Variations

I started with 4 diagonal stitches and hunted for the rest.

Ended up with 46 needlepoint diagonal stitch types I just had to chart for ease of reference. Hope you find them useful.

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Box Stitches for Needlepoint [With 36 Stitch Diagrams]

36 Needlepoint Box Stitch Variations

Have you ever wondered what stitches to use for borders, backing or backgrounds?  Box stitches might be the perfect solution.

Well, these 36 needlepoint box stitch diagrams, charted and worked on needlepoint canvas, might solve your problem. They are often used to enhance geometric patterns.

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30 Needlepoint Tied Stitches with Diagrams

30 Tied Stitch Variations

Want to try something different? Try any of these 30 needlepoint tied stitches and you will be surprised the impact they make.

Tied stitches are great to use for design elements, backgrounds, shading, geometric patterns and where you need a light to medium texture.

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Needlepoint Eye Stitches [17 To Choose From]

17 Eye Stitch Variations

Reluctant to try needlepoint eye stitches on your needlepoint canvas?

Don't, they are easy to do and deliver a huge impact.

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17 Leaf Stitch Variation [For Needlepoint]

17 leaf stitch variations

Any leaf stitch variation can be used on its own, or for an overall pattern. The beauty of these stitches is that you can put them in any direction to come up with a pleasing pattern.

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