Top Needlepoint Books: Gift Ideas For The Discerning

Needlepoint Books

The following is a list of top needlepoint books that are guaranteed to provide you with plenty of patterns, tips and techniques for needlepoint.  

They make excellent gifts for any occasion.

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Needlepoint Books

Needlepoint books to learn the many needlepoint stitches available to feel your canvas and for creating your own designs.

If you are interested in seeing some charted needlepoint stitches, check out these background, straight or cross stitches stitches for needlepoint.

Needlepoint Books: Treasure of pattern sources for your next project

Whether you like Medieval, Victorian, Celtic, or modern needlepoint designs, these books are extremely rich in patterns, how to tips, and color studies.  Study the patterns and try them out for whatever project you have in mind.

Hope you enjoyed the above selection of needlepoint books.  Add one of them to your library.

If you know any other needlepoint books which are not in the above list, and which you have enjoyed and think others may benefit from, please let me know and I may add it to the above list.